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Teens and How They Think About Their Bodies


If you have visited teen health boards, you will notice one of their concerns about life – body image. They are so concerned about the way they look that they take it to the next level. And the way teens think negatively about their body is affecting their health. This is one of the growing concerns regarding health for teens and it is the adult’s job to shift the teen’s way of thinking by encouraging them to like their body more.

The reason why body image matters is that your teen or child is being in them. When they develop positive image about their body, they are more likely to:

  • Exude confidence
  • Feel good being in their own body
  • Take care of their body more and what it needs

One of the major influences of how teens think about their body is culture. Media is also one of them and it has shaped the way people perceive their body. These days, more teens and children are not satisfied with their body. About 90 percent of girls and women and between 40 and 60 percent of men and boys are dissatisfied with their bodies. There are even children as young as 5 years old that display this kind of behavior.

Teens that are not satisfied with their bodies are highly like to get into unhealthy practices with eating, like binge eating and restrictive dieting. Both are different forms of eating disorders, wherein the person intently ignores the cues of their body about fullness and hunger. Eating disorders puts the teens and children at risk with developing various eating problems, wherein some can lead to obesity and various other eating disorders. It is because of these problems that adults are encouraged to promote positive body image as this is the key to supporting the overall health of the teen or the children.

Visit health boards where teens are likely to gather and talk about their image concerns. Keep in mind that you are not to lecture or do sermons at these boards. You are there to listen and observe how you can promote positive body image to them.