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Should You Enroll Your Dog in Pet School?

Pet school, also known as Obedience school, is where they teach essential behavior techniques and commands that can make your puppy a smarter and more obedient partner. It is advised that those who are interested to enroll their dogs into pet school should start when their puppies are at the age of 8 to 12 weeks old as they learn fast and form the best students. But, owners would often enroll their dogs into pet school when they are between 6 to 12 months old. This common act is due to the fact that people would only start to train their dogs once they start to annoy them.

In Singapore, dogs are loved every and by almost everyone. As Singapore welcomes the year of the dog, there are many advertisements plastered around the web and magazines calling for people to adopt with tempting phrases like “adopt a dog Singapore”, Puppy for Sale Singapore, or “Poodle Singapore”. It can be tempting to see them waiting for someone who would be able to give them the love they need. However, getting your dog to listen to you isn’t as easy as it seems. Singaporeans might neglect the fact that they need to be taught like children on basic dog manners and etiquette and may experience regret once they have decided to surrender them to a shelter, leaving their canines wondering what they did wrong or when will they come back.

Just like little kids, dogs need love, attention, and discipline. They have always been gentle creatures with full of curiosity that makes them easily distracted and uncoordinated. With the right person to guide them, they will be able to make the best companion you’ll ever have.