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List of Weapons Available in Counter Strike 2

Have you ever tried playing counter strike? Are you having fun just by playing it? How much do you love counter strike? If you are a fan of counter strike, you will surely love the new version of it. The creators of the game have added new built-ins and features to their game counter strike which is now named as Counter Strike 2.

The old and new version of the counter strike has a big difference. If you’ll compare the appearance or design of both old and new version, you’ll surely notice that there is a big difference. In the Counter Strike 2, the user interface is more appealing to look at, compared to the old one.

Aside from the difference in the game’s user interface, the counter strike 2 has more number of weapons compared to the old version. In addition to that, the weapons on the old version have been upgraded, which means if you are going to play the new counter strike, expect to use the updated versions of the weapons.

Going back to the game’s weapons, below are the weapons available in Counter Strike 2:

  • Pistol – It is a type of handgun and it’s what most of the users would pick first as their main weapon.
  • Semi-automatic Rifle – From the name itself, it automatically loads every time the trigger is being pulled
  • Shotgun – It is a firearm type of gun that is designed in order to be fired from the shoulder.
  • Sniper Rifle – this kind of riffle is good for long range shooting
  • Sub machine Gun – this gun is designed to fire pistol cartridges
  • Machine Gun – It is a portable firearm designed in order to fire bullets continuously
  • Assault Rifle – it is a kind of selective- fire riffle

If you want to know more about these weapons, just visit the page of counter strike 2.