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Popular Sunglasses Chosen by Women


Sunglasses are important to enhance style, protect the eyes from particles and UV protection, especially since the start of the 1900’s where movie stars in Hollywood began popularizing sunglasses. It’s common to see people wear them around the streets on a hot summer day. There are many types of sunglass frames that have been designed to compliment women’s delicate facial features.

Cat eye sunglasses are an example of a craze from the 50’s until the 90’s. Their distinct shape is wider in length at the top of the frame and narrow at the bottom. Depending on how retro you want to look, cat eye sunglasses come in a variety of shapes that gives women a vintage, fashionable look. Other than that, oversized sunglasses are also part of the trend for the longest period of time, especially when paired with a sleek yellow or pink tint that would certainly make any woman look like a movie star.

Setting aside the cat eye and oversized sunglasses, recent trends include round glasses. These glasses are similar to the Harry Potter movies where they create a clean and fresh look the face. Round glasses began spreading in popularity from Korea and has recently been a popular choice for women.

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